Iftar at Pizza Hut.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Today we went to Pizza Hut for Iftari. It was an awesome-ish day!!! Osman was the first one to arrive there, so here he is. [Notice his "kaalay chashmay"...these are his "my ishtyle"]


Nav and Ossy. [Ossy: Don't you dare take my pic or....] [Nav: I've also got my camera]


Starting from left: Nav., Sarah, Wasio, Aneela and Ali. *Before Iftari*....look at all these dead faces!!! After Iftar, we had so much fun....Oh God...lol


Starting from left: Tahir (thanks for the car), Umar, Ali Abdullah (TWISTED leg...roza lag raha hay), Mazhar (____) *to be filled by Ali R.*, and Hassan.


Ossy and Nav again. Were looking 'insaan' today.


It's so nice to look (and take pics) when they are eating. After I dunno how many attempts, I finally succeeded in having this amazing pic. Sarah was about to delete it when I snatched the camera...lol...Ammarah's on the right.


And it was Nav's turn to show how he eats pizza. [From left: Ali R., Aneela, and Nav.]


Bill K. and Wasio. He was lucky, or we would have taken his "stuffed mouth" pic.


Ali R.: I'm the hero. Don'cha kno zat???


Ali, Aneela, and Nav. : Three people who wear glasses to look cool.


Not a Pathan but still Pathan shakal. Pathanoun jaisi hansi. Pathan dimagh. She's one of my best tafreeh partners. When we're together, we do just one thing: Laugh!
*in a shrill voice* Naeee karo naaaaaaaaa...hahahahaha

Good friends: Ammarah and BillK.


From mmm....left corner. Ali R's head, Umar, Mazhar, Rimel, Faiza, and Anum.

From left: Nav's head, me (behind Nav's hand), Ali R., Aneela, Hassan, Tahir, Ali Abdullah's hand and many other desperate hands to have a piece of pizza. Lol, no. Notice the paper aeroplanes that we made. One is in Hasan's hand, other one is on the table, third one is in Sarah's hand. All these unknown hands were trying to catch those planes.

A crumpled paper thrown by Miss Pathan in BillK's glass. BillK was unaware of it, and she kept drinking the coke. After a long time, she realized there's some soaked piece of paper in the glass. Wasio picked it up and had the photo. [I guess only I saw when she threw the paper in the glass]...lol


*all burp*

Here we are again.


Now, who's gonna pay????????

Egg shells

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My lamp and my koala

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Love 'em

14th August

Sunday, August 14, 2005

the setting sun of 13th August


a girl trying to keep the flag straight. But then...

....she gives up!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

She sells sea-shells on the sea shore.


folded butterfly

Red Bull

Monday, August 08, 2005

My advice: Never drink it!

cuz I drank and kept hiccuping for 2 days.
Cheerio =)

Horse eating ice!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

گھوڑا گھاس سے دوستی کرلے تو کھائے گا کیا؟

جواب : برف


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